A Porg or a Painting?

In September 2017, Target released their new Star Wars toys to begin promotion of the latest film, The Last Jedi, opening the following December.  Being a family of Star Wars nerds fans, we made plans to get there the very first day they were displayed.  Since I was more excited about the movie than the toys, I let our six year old son roam about at will and watched him as he raced around the aisles exclaiming “Mommy!  Look at this!” over and over.  I didn’t think anyone was capable of having as much fun as he at that moment.  And then a 40 something woman approached the plush doll section and totally and completely geeked out over the Porgs.  (Take a second to Google that if you are unfamiliar, but make sure to come back and read the rest of this blog.)  She noticed me looking at her and took my “Really lady?” glance for a “Wow! How cool!” look and proceeded to ask me if I knew about Porgs.  “A little”, I answered.  She then picked one up and told me all about them.  At that moment she was more excited than our son and my initial eye roll reaction to her turned into genuine approval.  It’s great to get so excited about something.  That’s the way I hope people to react to Chris’ work.  To see it and immediately connect with the piece and want to buy it.  (She bought the Porg, by the way, even though that little guy was $40 or $50.  George Lucas must have a hard time deciding what to do with all his money.)  When Chris is creating a piece he always has a theme in mind and the hope to is communicate something through the work.  The idea is to get people to have that “Oooo, look at this one!” reaction.  I’ve seen it many times and it never gets old.  They may not be able to articulate exactly why, but they know they love it and want it.  If we can put a painting in a home that will admire it forever, that’s a good day.  

Appropriately suited for this post, the painting below is titled “We Are Made of Stars”.


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