Artists = Good Decorators

As I write this, Halloween is just around the corner (and as you read this, it will have just been over).  We love Halloween in our house; it’s the beginning of the holiday season and it’s a fun night with friends, dressing up in our favorite costumes, and eating TONS of candy.  What’s not to like? We’re lucky because our neighbors also like to celebrate Halloween. We are far from the most decorated house, but we do our best. And by we, I mean Chris.  He does it all, usually, and this year is no exception. He uses his talents that would otherwise go towards his latest painting and makes the front porch look festive and spooky. This is one of the many instances in which I’m very grateful to have an artist for a husband.  I have a hard time with creativity, but it comes so naturally to him. He and our son designed the jack-o-lantern and carved it last weekend. He trimmed the Carolina midnight, which is near the front door and needed to be trimmed anyway, and added the scraps to the decorations.  He tore up a sheet and used it to make tentacles. He picked out the wreath and door mat at Joanne Fabrics (it was my idea, however, to wait until close to Halloween so they would be on sale). All of this will let the neighbors know to come and get some candy at our house and will hopefully make them smile and help them to enjoy the holiday.  Yes, sometimes it’s really wonderful to have an artist in the family. Happy Halloween!

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