Collusion (the good kind)

One of the best parts about being a parent is getting a front row seat to watching a person grow and become who they are.  When our son was a baby, we marvelled at all the milestones; his first smile, the first time he rolled over, when he learned to clap, his first word, that amazing look he gave me when I picked him up from daycare that said “Mommy’s here!”.  As he grew older, we began to look for traits that we could trace back to us. Certainly he gets his blue eyes and blonde hair from Chris, as I have neither, but he got my straight hair and he has the Kinney eyes. This is the wonderful stuff that we get to see up close, each and everyday.  There is sometimes doubt as to which of us may have passed down some of his talents, but for certain, he has gotten his artistic ability from the Murphy line. Just like his hair and eye color, there is no way he could have gotten it from me. On a Sunday morning in June, I went to the studio and found the image below.

It filled my heart.  What a wonderful sight!  It is not the first time these two have bonded over art and I know it won’t be the last.  It’s impossible to predict where our son’s talents will take him in life, but the thought of him growing up to be like his Dad is always a happy one.  

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