Some kids couldn’t care less about what they wear.  Clothes to them are simply part of life, and an insignificant one at that.  Our son is not one of those kids. The clothes he chooses are of the utmost importance, and what goes on, and more importantly, what will never go on, his body is the source of more than a little frustration in our house (specifically in his room most school days).  To get out the door, make it to school on time, and to maintain a decent amount of sanity in the morning we compromise – a lot. We let him wear the same pants two days in a row and hope that teachers and other school personnel are too busy to notice. We find one pair of pants which aren’t’ too “crinkly” and one brand of socks that touch his feet but not in a bad way and we buy multiple pairs.  We hug him and rub his back and empathize with how awful it is to have to wear a shirt with a tag in it. As he’s gotten older his pickiness has subsided somewhat, but there are still times when there is simply only one pair of pants he could possibly even consider wearing and how in the world could we not see that? A few weeks ago, these were the only pants the universe would allow him to wear.

Since we had so much experience in compromise we agreed to the pants and hoped nobody would judge us for it (at least not too harshly). They are too short for him, he has been wearing them for at least two years, they have holes in both knees (which I have patched but still), and he had already worn them over the weekend.  They are literally the worst pair of pants he owns. Once he had gotten dressed and I was free to rummage through my own closet to find something to wear he came and sat down on the floor and explained his choice.  “I love these pants. They are really comfortable, they have cool stripes down the side, and you can put your fingers in jail!”. He showed me how he could entwine his fingers in the patched up holes. They are the exact same pair of pants, but we saw them completely differently.

Perspective is so important.  Perspective is everything. Below is “Make it Rain”.  Please enjoy it anyway you like.

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