Modern Mythology

Vermeer, Picasso…Murphy?

It’s 2018 and, just in time for a New Year’s resolution, it’s a chance to begin a new good habit. Each month, I
will be updating this blog so that all of you can keep up with Chris’ latest work.  
Some of you may have already picked up on my use of pronouns and figured out that I am not Chris himself. 
I’m Kelley, his wife and partner in all things. To be clear, I have no artistic talent whatsoever, so I contribute to 
his career in other ways. Starting in 2018, I will be blogging, emailing, and helping Chris to create more of a 
presence online. I hope this blog prevents Chris from getting in line with so many other talented artists that 
died before people discovered them. It’s a sad story that has happened to far too many. They spend their lives 
creating and never giving up, never losing the drive to continue making art, despite little or no critical support.
And they are never discovered, never receive the acclaim they deserve while they live. Especially in this age of 
technology, it’s a needless tragedy. What would you say to a 
not-famous-when-s/he-was-alive-but-super-famous-now artist, if you somehow had the chance? What would 
you ask Vermeer, for example? (I’d probably go cliché and ask who the girl with the pearl earring was.) What 
about Picasso? Would Owen Wilson take a car back in time to buy 6 or 7 of Chris’ paintings? As cool as that 
seems (sort of), my goal is to promote Chris so that he can avoid this fate. Of course he’s nowhere near as 
famous as these greats, but we’d like to get him in as many homes as we can. We want to reach out and 
connect with people to make as many fans as possible. It would be really great if people simply rang our 
doorbell and asked if we happened to have any abstract art lying around that we were willing to sell, but that’s 
like a toddler willing to eat vegetables and go to bed on time; it doesn’t happen. So we’re trying this instead. 
Since you’re already here, feel free to click on the “Gallery” tab and see what’s new.  I’ve been admiring his 
work for more than 12 years and continue to be amazed, delighted, and inspired by it. Check it out! 

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