What makes an artist?

How does one become an artist?  Is a person born to it, or do life and circumstances merge to forge an artist?  Is it instinctual, like when a bird builds a nest and knows just how she wants it to be?  Or is it something that can be taught? Perhaps all one needs is a creative spirit and the skill necessary to create can be learned through lessons and practice.  Although this is a complicated question, my simple answer is that it’s not either/or but some of each. Just like Chris, our son seems to possess some natural talent.  When he reaches his screen time limit and is forced to amuse himself in other ways, he often goes straight to the colored pencils and paper. As Chris puts it, “Art was always my thing. I knew it meant something to others when I became the popular kid in art class at my elementary school.”  He may not have been the first picked in the dodgeball teams, but he was definitely the first chosen to draw a favorite musician or movie star (if anyone wants Bon Jovi on the cover of their Trapper Keeper just let us know). Whatever the specific combination of natural talent and learned skill may be, Chris has managed to create some truly beautiful pieces.  

This piece is titled “Eye in the Sky”.  

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