As an artist, my goal is to create unique, expressive paintings using acrylic paint, found objects, and bits and pieces of any material that can be incorporated onto a canvas.  In “arty” terms, I am an abstract expressionist.  The strength of my images lies in their indecipherability, which prevents the viewer from instant identification and invites him or her to explore the work on a deeper level.  A viewer might immediately see something in one of my paintings or they may simply see colors and shapes.  What do you see in the painting below?  Whatever it is, you’re not wrong. My work is completely open to interpretation.

In each composition I build up layers of paint, then gouge and sand the surface exposing parts of the under-painting to reveal previous versions of the work. I also incorporate found objects and random images which reflect my everyday experiences.

Painting for me is a process of discovery. The gestures, marks, and scribbles found throughout these works remind me that the practice of creating art transcends the materials. The act of painting itself gives me a great sense of fulfillment. Once completed the paintings become a source of enlightenment for me. By revealing the process in the painting, it is my hope the viewer can follow the same path and share a similar experience.